Be Ye Kind

I often tell people that it doesn’t cost anything to be kind and it is one of the most carefree and selfless acts in the world that everyone should try to incorporate into their lives as much as possible. Whenever you go outside the box to help someone else, you are making the world a better place for someone else.


Why exactly is kindness such an important aspect of the human existence? How you treat others is a reflection of who you truly are and I don’t know about you, but I want to be the very best version of the person I was meant to be. For those that do not like how they are being treated, then that is the time to change said behavior because at the end of the day you cannot change anyone else’s but your own. Your relationships ultimately act as a mirror into the person you are and it determines how you dictate your life across the board. The following are some principles that you can use to help you treat others in the best light:


Do not judge others by their past, but instead help them in building a future.

Two girls sitting and embracing

Of course, we all have a past and while some may be filled with a source of pride, there are some aspects that many people may want to leave behind. Whatever the situation may be, the truth is that we all change and evolve, so judging the past instead of the person in front of you is not helpful to anyone. Treat everyone with respect and help them reach the next part of the journey if you can.


Listening with curiosity, speaking with candor, acting with integrity.



Having the strength to listen and being curious allows relationships to grow and prosper. Speak your truth, let no one take it from you, and know that in the end being yourself is the ultimate goal and proof that you are growing as an individual.

Treat all with kindness, but do it without expecting it in return.

Girl helping the old woman

Being selfless means giving a helping hand and not expecting one back in return necessarily. Do it for those around you, even strangers and it will reap the rewards when you least expect it.


There is no need to dim someone else’s shine to make yours look brighter.


There is no reason to belittle anyone simply because you are in a position to do so. If you want people to feel special, show that with support and love. Treat all that you encounter with honor.


Everyone possesses a story.


Well want to be heard, and we all have a story that we can share. Being able to feel as if it can be shared is something that you can give to someone else. By listening and withholding judgment, you are allowing another person to be at ease in your presence. In my experience, being open to the idea of someone else’s life is one of the greatest gifts you can ever give and best of all, it is completely free.

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Shopping for A Tool

So now the time has finally come for my latest project and it is going to be a bit bigger than previous ones as I am renovating a fence at our local park beginning this summer. In order to get it done properly, I know that I will finally need to invest in a paint sprayer so that I can get it done as quickly as possible. Of course, before I begin the process, I have had to do a bit of research to ensure that the one I do buy is among the best of the best. I am the type of person that prefers great quality and usually, my budget is always slightly higher to get the product I really want.


Typically, I head to websites to begin research and the first place I went for a thorough run-down of products was, which offered great reviews of a plethora of paint sprayers available on the market. I am never the type to trust one site for all my information and so I added to my list and was surprised to find a few more options that I had not considered previously. For novice and professional users, I also advise a few more sites that can help narrow down the search.


What are some of the advantages of having a handheld paint sprayer? Well, the obvious one is that they are highly portable, compact, and lightweight. This means you can transport them easily and don’t have to endure the pain that typically comes with painting sessions that last for hours. You also will be able to reach those hard to reach areas that are often impossible with larger sprayers. The other great benefit is the price since they are pretty inexpensive and can be purchased just about anywhere, from remodeling stores to websites.


If you don’t have a huge budget, then you can find a modern version that provides you with enough settings to get a polished finish that applies the appropriate thickness of paint to surfaces. The versatility that you receive will surely help you with just about any painting project around your house. The following are examples of paint sprayers that I think would fit just about any budget and get the job done.


HomeRight C800766

HomeRight C800766

If you are looking for a small, compact option that is also affordable, then this is the one for you. With its low air pressure, you have the power to paint just about any surface you want and easily. You don’t even have to have experience in order to utilize this model. Use it for windows, furniture, fences, and much more. The user reviews have also been excellent for this product and it is ideal for a household and at only 3.2 pounds, you will get acclimated fairly quickly to it and don’t have to worry about many hassles with this option. For the versatility and simplicity, there are few on the market that can compare to this option and it comes highly recommended.


Wagner Flexio 590

Wagner Flexio 590

For users that are looking for efficiency, the Wagner Flexio 590 is a great option as it leaves professional results and will be an excellent addition to any toolbox. With this paint sprayer, you even have the power to paint both vertically and horizontally because of a special rotating cap. This feature, among others, makes it one of the best models available today for both outdoor and indoor projects. You can cover just about any surface with ease from small to mid-sized tasks. Plus, the maintenance required for this one is also minimal – simply rinse with lukewarm water, and pull the trigger to clean inner tubes.


When you need output, look no further as it can spray up to 8 gallons each hour, and that is more than enough for the typical task at hand. And with the special nozzle system, you have the ability to change patterns to fine-tune and have the finishing touch that you want. You should be careful that you don’t wash the electronic parts as you risk electrocution of course. In terms of versatility, this is a suitable one that would make the perfect model to use for future projects.

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The Community Fence

I am one of those types that like to stay involved in my community because I believe in giving back in any ways possible. This particular summer I have decided to hook up with people in the neighborhood and restore our local park back to its past brilliance. The duties involved will include replacing and cleaning equipment for new benches for picnics, grills, and fences, and I hopefully have the end result that the community can all come together to get this project off the ground successfully. In order for us to get this done without a hitch, I have taken charge in certain areas by deciding to re-do the fence that surrounds the park. Restoring fences is something that I have experience in and I know that once they have been properly sealed, the entire community will be able to enjoy their splendor and beauty for years to come.


There is nothing like a freshly painted fence to make an impression and I have been playing around with a few color schemes that I believe will help the park look its absolute best. Since I have taken up this task, I have decided to also use some of my own supplies, beginning with my reliable and compact paint sprayer that will enable time to get a lot done in no time at all. The majority of wood fences are constructed from cedar since it tends to age more naturally, turning a silver color over time. Still, there are those out there preferring the appearance that painted wood fences give. While painting is not at all difficult, here are some tips to ensure you get the most bang for your buck.


Gathering Materials

Painting materials

For outdoor use, you will want to use paint that is premium quality and also have a primer that has been formulated specifically for projects. You want to look for those that have UV inhibitors and has been tested to withstand the harshest of elements. And if you are the type of person that thinks all paint brushes are the same, think again. Invest in some better options with bristles that are strong enough for your project, and you will be able to hit those corners and paint with confidence.


Painting the Fence Before Putting It Up


You should begin painting the fence before it has been put into place. Paint the stringers, boards, and even the posts before you start constructing the fence. Of course, it is easier to paint boards when they are laid in the garage nailed to the fence. The ends of boards should be stained or painted as well, as end boards will be in the elements.


Prepping the Fence

Man cleaning the fence

If you have already installed the fence, then the next step is cleaning up before you begin painting. This means clearing it of seeds, cobwebs, and anything else that may be lurking in the corners.


Priming the Fence


Bare wood should be ideally primed before painted and the methods for applying it are the same as in painting. Just ensure it is dry before moving on.

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